If you have enjoyed the artwork that you have seen on this site, then you may also enjoy The Fall of No.


The Fall of No is a trilogy of novels chronicling the exploits of Dr Obadiah Carnaby and Mr Edward Stoathill-Warmly,

the ancient occult knowledge which is their trade, and the powers that it may unleash upon a largely unsuspecting world.


It is a tale of mystery, terror, murder, love and revenge, in which the reader will encounter such diverse phenomena as:

arcane researches, interdimensional romance, weird narcotics, a lost prehistoric civilization, glandular dysfunction,

a cult from the depths of the darkest jungle, mountains, moustaches, mysterious machines

and a highly eccentric aristocratic mutant.


The first four chapters of The Fall of No Book I: Exilia will soon be available to download as a pdf from this location.