follow your dreams (they know the way)

How blindly do we stumble through our lives? How much of our brief time in this incarnation do we squander in the pursuit of fleeting, flitting glimpses of the things our society has trained us to desire? How desperately do we try to grasp that which can never be held - that which we never truly needed to begin with? And all the while, we are unable to see past the end of our own noses.

But what if we allowed ourselves to see with our other eyes, to be guided not by our busy minds but by our intuition? What if we followed the way of our own true dreams?

Will this moustachioed fellow continue to blunder and trample through the beauty of the jungle in pursuit of that which should never rightfully be his? Or will he instead open the third eye that is his ajna chakra, and follow the feeling in his gut, the sacral chakra, and discover the treasure that was there beneath his feet all along?

See through it

What are you chasing?

Go with your gut

It was there all along

© 2010 - 2019 Oli Rogers

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