Trussed in their costly finery, these socialites are absorbed by gaudy fripperies. As coloured lights flash and fools tumble, they wallow in a hypnagogic state of enforced ignorance that allows their masters to perpetrate upon them and their world whatsoever acts of evil they so wish. Awed and cowed, these are somnambulant owners of numbed minds, their idiocy normalised whilst free, critical thought is demonised: this is the realisation of the dystopia envisaged by Huxley.


Here the boar-cannon that spews forth pyrotechnic, technicolour lies is violence and conflict presented as entertainment, yet simultaneously it is a weapon trained against intellect, and a prison for the mind. It is a terrifyingly effective tool of our warpig rulers whose semblance it bears. The so-calld 'War on Terror' that blares from screen and page is in reality a war of terror waged upon us by means of the propagandistic manufacture of fear.


Seeker, look not to these lights!





Pig spokes

© 2010 - 2019 Oli Rogers

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