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oliver rogers


For æons unnumbered they have slumbered in stone.

Now the Shapes return. 

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book one


available now

A young scientist has lost his dreams, and he will do anything to get them back.

That is how Edward Stoathill-Warmly arrives in grey Iremouth, the city on the mountain. There, he and his mentor, the fearsome Doctor Obadiah Carnaby, plan to embark upon an experiment for which they have spent their lives preparing. Their mission leads them to the House, where the jaded hedonist Lord Naught resides in faded splendour, waiting for the thing that will change his life. Now, in the form of an unlikely proposition from the scientists, that thing has at last arrived. Soon science and high occultism collide, and as the three men’s plans unfold, the lives of others from the past, present and future are drawn inexorably into a tale of cosmic intrigue that has been æons in the making.

That tale is The Transfiguration of No, and The Shapes is its first part. It is a story of love, murder, dark obsessions, deep mystery and fantastical adventure, in which the reader will encounter such diverse phenomena as arcane researches, forbidden knowledge, forgotten civilisations, brain-bending narcotics, geometric meditation, astral journeys, interdimensional romance, glandular dysfunction, gigantic identical gentlemen, mountains, monstrous moustaches, a highly eccentric aristocratic mutant, one exceedingly unconventional hobby, and a post-mortem escapade to shame the exploits of any individual living or dead.

book two


available now

Doctor Obadiah Carnaby and Mr Edward Stoathill-Warmly are in possession of secrets lost to the world for countless millennia, and they intend to use them.

Little do they know that in their quest for forbidden knowledge they have already set in motion a chain of events that will forever alter their world. Neither are they aware that shadowy forces are gathering, and enemies both old and new are closing in on them from all sides. As their machine at last stands complete and the weirdness that surrounds the scientists intensifies, the mind of their host, Lord Naught, spirals to disturbing new heights of eccentricity. And yet all of this is to be no more than a prelude to the apocalyptic events that are to come. From the glittering debauchery of the House of Naught to the depths of the darkest jungle, the tale of cosmic intrigue continues to unfold.

The Machine is the second part of The Transfiguration of No. It is a story of conspiracy, betrayal, all-consuming passions and highest strangeness, within whose pages are contained such singular phenomena as lucid dreams, serial killers, dastardly clerics, trans-æonian missions, pagan drug cults, spectral stalkers, scheming socialites, sentient hair, mysterious maladies, macabre obsessions, melting minds, multiple varieties of alien visitor, and perhaps most importantly a machine that is capable of rending reality itself asunder.

book three


Book Three of The Transfiguration of No will manifest with the aid of you, the readers.

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what to expect






If you are a reader of...

The dark and ominous epics of Brian Catling

The unorthodox imaginings of China Miéville

The æon-spanning mysticism of Frank Herbert

The cosmic horror of HP Lovecraft

The steampunk action of Gordon Dahlquist

The morbid humour of Edward Gorey

The intricate enchantment of Susanna Clarke

The speculative weirdness of Jeff Vandermeer

The wild fantasies of Michael Moorcock

The crafted prose of Robert Aickman

The occult workings of Alan Moore

The ghastly world of Mervyn Peake

...or you are a lover of science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, steampunk,

metaphysical & visionary fiction, horror, or weird tales both vintage and contemporary,

then there is something for you in...

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